The Heart of the Matter

Thank you for the shout out, Francis! Norma and I were speaking on the phone this evening about your amazing commitment to blog everyday! I need to get the ideas I’ve had festering around in my head for months out on my blog and soon! You’ve inspired me to get back to business….

From London to Longoio (and Lucca and Beyond) Part Two

In her highly amusing and exceedingly insightful blog at budding international opera singer Hannah Moss (winner of “Grapevine’s” young writer competition for 2012 – see describes Italy as a “danger zone” (I wish she would write more such brilliant posts). Her apt description centres largely on the Italians’ almost hypochondriacal concern with their health.

Hannah goes on to describe such dangers as venturing outside one’s home with still undried hair after the morning shower, taking to the streets without being adequately dressed down to the ankles appropriately for the climatic conditions (I can always spot an English person in the Lucchesia – they usually start wearing shorts in April…) and diving into the Viareggio waves well before the official season (delayed this year because of the weather) for such activities permits one to get even within one metre of the salt water.

The “colpo d’aria” is the likeliest…

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