Today is the final countdown! We leave for Berlin one week from today and all of course my feelings are all over the place. I’m thinking about when I first arrived here, when I first met the people I now call my family, the meetings and the sad goodbyes of friends who have also continued their journeys elsewhere, the hardships I’ve faced as a foreigner, but also the privileges I have had, and just trying to get used to a culture that is not my own. I thought I should do a list of things I love and loathe about being an American in Italy. Every sip of wine I have had in the past few days or bite of pizza feels like it could be my last for a long time! I’m excited to live in Germany, but the food and wine culture here in Italy cannot be topped…

And so I give you my list of what I will miss and what I will not miss:

I will miss cafes
I will not miss the lack of lines in cafes…the lack of lines anywhere really.


Walking through the beautiful medieval city
Walking through the beautiful medieval city in what the Lucchese have deemed inappropriate thus garnering stares. Forbidden outerwear includes:


-Sandals before August

-Wet hair any time of year

-Pants that do not go directly into boots before June

-Un-bedazzled sneakers and/or sneakers that are not high heeled

-Work out clothing


-Visible socks


Rummaging for exact change…“18 cents? Give me a minute…”


Uncomplicated coffee
Making coffee for Italians who are complicated


The groups of old men who sit and people watch
The groups of old men who sit and leer at women


The Tuscan sun


Going grocery shopping for amazingly fresh products
Going grocery shopping between the hours of 11 and 12 or 18 and 19. Circus hours…


Having your bar
Having your bar closed on Sundays or all winter


Going out for drinks
Men going out for drinks who think “where are you from?” is an acceptable and wanted pick-up line. “I’m from earth”


The morning after Peschino


Personal pizzas
There is nothing about this I won’t miss


All the gelaterias being closed from October to March. The torture!


The fresh bread
The addiction


The legal loopholes
The bureaucracy


Crazy Mario son Sordo giving piazza concerts
Crazy Mario son Sordo licking my face


Pasta all the time


Seeing tourists enjoy the city
Seeing tourists enjoying the city in the middle of the road


Running into friends because we live in a toy size city
More often running into people I do not ever want to see because we live in a toy size city


The summers
The winters

My bike
Narrowly escaping death on my bike


Getting letters
Getting letter months later because of the Italian mail system


Easy access to transportation
Transportation that is late or doesn’t show up


The Lucchese (HAHAAAA, but really, they are so mean)


The Wall
The wall is perfect. Not a flaw. It is one of the music beautiful and unique parts of a city I have ever seen. No matter how many times I go around it, it is truly magical. I have never once gotten tired of it or felt that it lacked any change. It is the armor and the soul of this city.


The family I’ve made here
The fact that I have to leave another place I have called home.


My wonderful yoga teacher and friend gave us a quote to think about recently:

“The reason for time is because everything can’t happen at once.-


It is an understatement to say that leaving my friends and family in the states was difficult. It was an otherworldly level of pain and sadness.  And now I have to do it again. This quote though…it makes sense. As much as I don’t want it to and I want everyone I love in my life to be in a big house together wherever I move, they can’t be. And Germany can’t be Italy.  In many ways I say “thank GOD” to that.  But Italy, for all of it’s GLARING flaws, is Italy. It is one of the most coveted places on earth and I have had the honor to live here and to become part of the society, learn the language, work, sing, and enjoy.

I am looking forward to a more efficient society in Germany, but I know I will miss the slow-moving-enjoy-your-wine pace here…unless I am waiting in “line” at the post office. Then I’m just mad.


Ciao ciao for now, Lucca. You have my heart.



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  1. Perfect. You made me laugh several times. The Walls are one of Italy’s crown jewels. One thing you didn’t mention that we talked about that I love is the people under my window shouting at each other until I am afraid they are about to come to blows who suddenly burst out laughing. oh, and sentences that run on forever and ever without capitalization or punctuation and use abbreviations like x, k, and xk and use english words like kiss and weekend and babysitter

    Kiss ♡

  2. Dear Hannah it has been my great leisure to have met you. I love your spontaneity, your bravery, your style which comes out so well in the way you write and sing and live your life. We are clearly sad that you are leaving the city of Puccini for the city of Wagner and much else but certainly you have the whole world in front of you and the whole world will warm to you again and again because above everything else you are a true artist, a really genuine person with a warm, adventurous and honest heart. A te carissima auguriamo ogni bene che il nostro mondo ti possa offrire!!! In other words all the best and good luck in Berlin!!!

  3. Germany will be as happy to have you as Luca is sad to let you go. Continue to make your mark on the world Hannah!

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