Oh boy…

I have always wanted to start blogging.  I have also always wanted to time travel back to the Renaissance and that hasn’t happened.  Unlike my eagerness to frolic in a corset and be a courtesan in Venice circa 1540, writing a blog seems more attainable….for the moment.

When I made the decision to move to Italy back in June, a few people said I should keep a blog about my experiences here.  I always keep journals when I go abroad or do summer music programs to document things I’ve learned, new places I’ve seen or really incredible experiences I’ve had.  However, these have always been very personal and I generally choose to keep these moments to myself to go back and pour over a year or two after the trip.  When I arrived in Lucca in June, however, for a really phenomenal summer program called “Canta in Italia” (shameless plug!), I started to realize that the moments I was having should not be tucked away solely in a journal for only my eyes.  Maybe other people could read about these and find some sort of connection to them.  Whether it be that they had had a similar experience or have always wanted to have that experience.

I’m nervous because again, I have not ever blogged before.  I feel like it’s a secret society that I need to do Masonic rituals to be accepted in to.  But!  I am going to give it a try and hopefully it will appease my need to live in the Renaissance…at least for now because I’m going to find a way some day.

PS  below is the website for Canta in Italia with Wichita State University.  If you are a young singer looking for summer programs- DO IT.